Get in better contact with your visitors online, for example with our chat software for businesses.

Digital Engage is your platform for web, mobile and messaging support

Our platform is a customer dialog solution that provides you with chatbots, chats as well as the most popular messaging channels.

With Digital Engage, you answer all chats, whether from the website, smartphones, NotePads or messengers.

The platform can be extended with modules such as chatbots, SMS text messaging, video chat and CoBrowsing for call and chat.

Leverage the sales talents of Digital-Engage

As a business partner of well-known chatbot, chat and messaging providers, kompaktwerk has access to a wide range of customer dialog solutions. The best example: our Digital Engage platform. Behind it is a modular system of components that help you optimize your digital sales and service processes.

With our digital engagement platform, you can engage with your visitors intuitively and in exactly the right place. When and in which form is freely definable. Solutions range from asynchronous live – chat software for enterprises, onsite content such as banners and panels to co-browsing and on- and offline messaging services.

And, if desired, in real time and, of course, across all channels. Whether desktop, tablet, smartphone, SMS or via the popular social networks and messaging services such as WhatsApp, iMessage or Facebook Messenger. Sounds complex? But it is not at all.

Because our name is also our program. kompaktwerk realizes a tailor-made solution for you compactly and quickly, which exactly meets your requirements. Thanks to cloud-based technology, we can implement your customized digital engagement solution into your existing system in just six weeks. If you wish, this can even include a connection to your call or service center and targeted training to certify your agents.

What is Digital Engage?

Digital-Engage is an intelligent cloud-based customer contact solution for online stores and service portals. This system analyzes the behavior of your website visitors and makes contact via the most appropriate type of contact (enterprise chat software, voice, personalized messages and offers, and video chats and messaging). This is done via all online and offline contact channels as well as via all end devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

Your Digital Engage benefits at a glance.

Reduces the dropout rate by more than
Increases sales by up to
Increases the average order value by up to
Reduces service costs by up to
Ensures customer satisfaction of more than

Can be implemented within 6 weeks

Digital Engage Platform

Text chat

Via button or proactive invitation, offer your customers a live dialog with your customer advisors.


Guide your customers through online processes of your website. Fill out forms together, web-based and no download required.

Video chat

Take advantage of visual, personalized display options for your products via live video chat.


Your agent can share his screen with customers. This way, you can also provide your customers with visual assistance, web-based and without downloading.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has a powerful tool with its Facebook Messenger. Use this to handle requests via Facebook as easily as live chats with Messenger.


Use the secure text messaging channel to your customers without app download and internet connection.

Whatsapp Logo

Connect the most popular messenger to our Digital Engage platform so your agents can chat directly to customers.

Offsite engagement

Invite customers to chat via offline media such as email newsletters, invoices, billboards and TV commercials using QR code or direct link.


Use Click2Message directly in your Google AdWords to have customers contact you via SMS.


Connect visitors to your website directly to your call center agent in real time.


Allow your call agents to also co-browse your calls and help the customer with the online process.

Mobile Chat & Messaging

Offer location-independent service via mobile chat and integrate with your mobile app (iOS and Android).

Book a Meeting

Allow your customers to schedule a fixed time to meet with your agents, optimizing agent utilization.


Integrate your chatbot via our chatbot framework, with or without AI (artificial intelligence).

CRM Integration

Connect your CRM, e.g. Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics with our platform.

Business Rule Engine

Identify the right visitors (leads) and enable proactive targeting via individual parameters, use context-sensitive rules.

CRM Integration

Identify the right visitors (leads) and enable proactive targeting via individual parameters, use context-sensitive rules.

Plugin concept

With our plugin API you can create your own functions and tools to increase the efficiency of your service staff.



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