Why is messaging so popular with customers?

Most people today would rather write a text message than pick up a phone.
Worldwide, 4 billion people now use a smartphone, even though the devices have only been around for 10 years.
More Internet access now takes place via smartphones and tablets than via computers.
Information, news, networking, making connections, online banking, vacation and flight bookings, cab and hotel reservations, car sharing – all easy and convenient.
Everything is done through apps and messaging channels, without waiting bored in a phone hotline. This is easy and convenient for users.

As a company, are you already prepared for messaging?

Messaging as a digital channel to your customers is much more efficient than the phone channel. This is because a customer service representative only serves one customer at a time on the phone, but a whole number of customers at once via the messaging channel. Furthermore, it is an advantage that the messages do not always have to be answered immediately (asynchronous) and are distributed to the entire agent team and thus the agents are better utilized. The asynchronous functionality allows you to stay in touch with your customers at all times.

Our Digital Engage platform supports all major messaging channels via API`s and an asynchronous technology.

kompaktwerk supports both web chat and external messaging (asynchronous) for full accessibility of your customers’ preferred communication channel. You can communicate with your visitors directly on your website or in external channels like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Instagram and many others. We support online as well as offline messaging with these technologies.

Currently supported messaging channels*

Facebook MessengerMicrosoft Teams
BingIn-App **

* Technology developed exclusively by kompaktwerk

** we integrate the asynchronous messaging feature into your enterprise app

The world of messengers is dynamic. Every day it changes. New possibilities, new solutions are waiting to be used. Help shape the new world and surprise your customers.

Addressing every customer via their preferred mobile channel – that is the wish of many companies. Conduct 1:1 communication via classic SMS, WhatsApp message, voice SMS, in-app messaging with push notifications and trade personal data according to the latest data protection regulations – a MUST.

We create high-quality and efficiency-enhancing mobile messaging solutions for marketing, customer service and productivity.


The most secure messaging
We have set ourselves the goal of building 1:1 dialog solutions that creatively map your marketing concepts and dialog strategies and at the same time comply 100% with the data protection regulations of the GDPR (European Data Protection Regulation applicable from May 2018).

To ensure this, we rely on SMS as a secure messaging channel and have developed a messaging gateway specifically for this purpose.

By the way, this is what Jerry Dischler, Vice President Product Management at Google, says about SMS usage:

“We’re always trying to analyze user behavior to develop new ad formats that address that behavior. In one survey, we found that 65 percent of respondents wanted to use messaging to communicate with businesses.”

However, at a time when mobile communication mostly takes place via messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat or Facebook Messenger, the question arises as to how relevant SMS still is for the market. However, Dischler reports positive results in the closed beta phase and goes into more detail about the user surveys: “Users usually have several messaging services installed and use them for different tasks. They communicate with friends via WhatsApp or Snapchat, while they prefer to use SMS to communicate with companies. We will support messaging with all apps that are available to us. Today, it’s clearly SMS, but in the future we can imagine extending the offer to other services.

What are the advantages of SMS messaging

  • SMS is usable on any smartphone without download
  • No app, no internet access necessary
  • No restrictions due to third-party applications
  • All customer data on servers in Germany
  • Aligned with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Any use cases for service & sales can be implemented, e.g. "Click2Message".
  • Agents can be specifically assigned to customers


Google has been introducing click-to-message ads on Google AdWords for some time. With this, Google wants to bring advertisers closer to their customers. Thus, Google makes it possible to connect from a Google AdWords ad directly into an SMS. Through a message extension, customers can very easily enter into a communication with them and continue the conversation whenever it suits their time.

Tapping on the text option of an ad will launch the user’s corresponding app with a pre-written message related to the products or services they are interested in. Let’s say you are a moving company or someone is looking for hotels in Berlin and sends you an SMS. The user can use your prefabricated text for his request (e.g..: “I would like to reserve a room, please send me an SMS with more information”) or change it according to his wishes.

Numerous advertisers are already benefiting from this innovative and fast way to engage with users on smartphones and increase conversion rates with click-to-message ads.

We control the secure SMS communication to your agents via the kompaktwerk messaging gateway.

Advantages of the message extension at a glance

  • Customers can communicate with the company quickly and easily
  • Critical questions about service and products can be answered quickly
  • A message can already be preformulated for the customer
  • The ad becomes larger, resulting in a higher click through rate (CTR)
  • Display for the coming mobile-first evolution

Here is a customer testimonial from the area of car insurance:

“With click-to-message, we achieve outstanding results. The conversion rate is 80% higher compared to other channels. Now we have access to an important user group that wants to learn more about our insurance products via SMS. Prospects have a new medium to contact us with click-to-message, and for us it’s by far the fastest and most cost-effective way to reach potential customers.”

We help you manage the conversation data from your 1:1 messaging communications with your customers so that it is deleted or retained in accordance with data protection requirements.

We now handle all your mobile customer communication via ONE PLATFORM! We control your customers’ personal data as you need it for your use case and as your privacy officers require.

We create 1:1 communication with impact!

In doing so, we can flexibly integrate into your existing contact center environment and build the new channel messaging via SMS or in-app messaging.


Customers love to communicate via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Of course, not only privately, but also preferably to your service concerns with companies. Whether the exchanged data is always transported and stored securely is almost lost in the process.

If it hadn’t been for May 25, 2018!

On that very day, the new data protection law came into force across Europe. Referred to as – EU-DSGVO (European General Data Protection Regulation) or GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation).

And this is exactly where we come in: We facilitate personal 1:1 communication with your customers and employees for companies by means of SMS and instant messaging.

The EU GDPR will fundamentally change the way organizations handle “personal” data. “non-compliance” will bring about significant penalties.

We help customers turn the threat posed by the EU GDPR to messaging into an opportunity: With creative use cases – data protection compliant!

What challenges do you currently have to face due to the EU-DSGVO (GDPR)

No exception: EU GDPR is applied to all personal data of EU citizens. No matter where the data is stored.
Complex: EU GDPR is a unified framework that is directly applicable in every EU member state and is stricter than the previous regulations.
Heavy penalties: fines of up to 4% of annual global sales or 20 million euros, whichever is greater.

For example, the GDPR requires that conversation data be deleted within 7 days and contract data be retained for 24 months.

Mastering this and establishing smart 1:1 communication with your customers is our specialty:

We help you manage the conversation data from your 1:1 messaging communication with your customers so that it is deleted or retained in accordance with data protection requirements.