Chatbots are on the rise. More and more companies are using them to offer added value to customers and to reduce the workload of their own employees. Chatbots are excellent tools to open the gates to artificial intelligence and further digitize your own business.

But in Germany in particular, there is a high hurdle to overcome with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When it was introduced in 2016 and had to be implemented on a mandatory basis from 2018, many people and companies were unsettled. While data protection officers of large corporations were recruiting staff and working long hours, numerous small bloggers decided to abandon their Internet projects. The risk of violating the GDPR and risking high penalties was too great for them.

“Companies that offer chatbots also need to make sure they are compliant with the GDPR.”

Companies that offer chatbots must also ensure that they are compatible with the GDPR. This happens especially when no data is collected from the visitor without their consent. But as third-party tools become more popular, we are increasingly losing control over our visitors’ data.

The GDPR and chatbots

It hardly makes sense for a company to develop its own chatbot. The cost and time involved are too high. It makes much more sense to use an already finished chatbot and to distribute the development costs for it among many different buyers. This is much more economical, faster and you can draw on know-how and experience already gained. Another factor is that chatbot providers like us guarantee that our solutions are GDPR compliant. This means that you are not on legal ice and can sleep peacefully.

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“The GDPR is divided into 11 chapters and 99 articles. Having a chatbot audited for the GDPR is time-consuming and costly.”

Chatbots based on messenger services

A good chatbot offers visitors the opportunity to make contact on a platform they are familiar with. For many people around the world, that’s WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. But those who use non-European service providers cannot expect them to adhere to European regulations. Here, the topic of data protection quickly becomes very complex.

One possible solution is for both parties to sign an DPA “data processing agreement”, as this describes the data processing guidelines, e.g. data deletion concepts. The major messenger providers in particular have an interest in remaining established in Europe. Unfortunately, not every messenger can be used here without hesitation.

We will be happy to advise you on this topic and offer you an individual solution that meets your requirements, is cost-efficient and absolutely legally secure. You are welcome to contact us via our chatbot.

GDPR insurance for chatbots

The big insurers and smaller startups have long recognized that there is a lot of uncertainty among entrepreneurs. To counteract this, they have launched GDPR insurance policies. Here you can protect yourself from any risks. However, this should not lead to the issue not being taken seriously. If the insured can be proven to have acted intentionally, the insurance will not pay in the event of an emergency.

It is much more sustainable to use a chatbot that is demonstrably GDPR-compliant. This way, you don’t have to take out costly GDPR insurance.

Our chatbot is compliant with any European and German regulations and we guarantee it. So you can offer it to your customers without hesitation.

We not only guarantee that they are legally on the safe side. We are so confident in our chatbot that we implement it and offer it in exchange for a revenue share or a share of the contact cost reduction. In this way, not only do you not have to take any legal risk, but you can also offload the entrepreneurial risk onto our shoulders.

The artificial intelligence of our chatbot system makes it ideal for guiding your customers through the sales process, offering more products, clarifying open questions and boosting conversion rates. Foreign customers can also use our German chatbot. It understands over 40 languages, learns with every request, and also serves as a virtual assistant for you and your employees.

So test our legally compliant and revenue-generating solution now, get in touch with us and let’s find out together how we can help shape your business for the future.