Solutions for more chatbot intelligence

Your chatbot sometimes can’t provide a suitable answer to customer questions or can’t provide an answer at all?

We can help you make your chatbot smarter and teach it to offer additional information if it can’t find an answer. In addition, the maintenance and training effort for your chatbot is significantly reduced.


We are experts in the application of AI-based search for businesses. We implement solutions for integrating and merging data as well as for content enrichment.

In short: We make sure that information can be found quickly in extensive databases!

Our AI-based search and knowledge management solution iFinder helps you prepare your chatbot for unexpected questions and provide additional information to the user.

We have developed a strong search extension for chatbots that can answer interactive questions. With our solution, your chatbot can quickly and directly access enterprise-wide information. This allows you to optimize your dialogs and improve user satisfaction.

How exactly does our solution work?

We add a Natural Language Question Answering module (NLQA) to your existing chatbot.

As a result, predefined answers from your company data are found by our iFinder and integrated into the chat history.

The iFinder is an AI-based solution for knowledge management. It extracts terms, texts, keywords and questions from various data sources and delivers suitable results through an intelligent content hit list that is specifically filtered from your existing company data.

The answers to your search queries are completed using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

We extend your existing chatbot or voicebot information source to enable natural communication.
Thus, we extend your BOT system with a “NLQA Module” (Natural-Language-Question-Answering) to which we can connect any information source via a REST API, including your existing systems such as M365, Confluence, Sharepoint, JIRA, Wikis, Salesforce, etc.
The information feed can be done via a JSON interface, REST API or even a web browser plugin and is integrated into the flow, e.g. via a “More” button.

Search Engine Integration Components

Our application searches various data sources such as your chatbot database, Confluence, Sharepoint, other CMSs, and possibly voice or chat transcripts.

Our Question Answering Machine also enables voice-activated searching. The iFinder software offers an optional Speech-to-Search function. The application is available as both an on-premises and SaaS service in the cloud.

Our solution is a smarter way of searching (internal Google) that is legally compliant, scalable and offers the best usability thanks to linguistics and AI. She interacts with your chatbot.

With our iFinder system you can access a variety of systems in your company, such as M365, Confluence, Sharepoint, Jira, Wikis and many more, thanks to the so-called connectors.

Prefabricated connectors facilitate the connection to your system world

An AI-based knowledge management solution can additionally enable improved knowledge management and maintenance. This provides an easy way to add, update or remove new knowledge to ensure the chatbot is always up to date.
A good AI knowledge management solution can increase a chatbot’s intelligence by providing it with a comprehensive knowledge base and easier access to it to provide appropriate and relevant answers to user questions.

The previous maintenance effort is reduced by the fact that iFinder already brings many concepts “out of the box”, which reduces the maintenance of “intents” or questions.
In addition, the existing knowledge from the available information is used.
For example, the search for synonyms can be added at search time. From a search query for “pension”, the system automatically also searches for “pension”, “old-age pension”, “retirement pension”, “company pension”, “statutory pension”, “old-age insurance” and “old-age provision”. The corresponding hits are provided.
In addition, the context to the searched answer is already clearly displayed in the textual preview.
Relevance Ranking allows more precise settings to be made to determine the best answer from the available information.

Can this also be used with ChatGPT?

An artificial language model like ChatGPT cannot replace a search engine or knowledge base because it does not have up-to-date facts and detailed knowledge. However, generative language models like GPT4 are perfect complements to search engines. Search engines provide passages of text from documents that make answers to posed questions likely, and the language model can use this to formulate an understandable answer that can be used in a chatbot.

Thanks to our flexible integration components, we can even integrate your chatbots and virtual assistants from vendors such as Genesys, Google Dialogflow, IBM-Watson, moin. AI, Parloa, RASA, Solvemate, OMQ, Userlike, Zendesk and many others.

That’s why combining an AI-based search engine with automated text extraction like our iFinder and a generative language model like ChatGPT is the perfect solution for businesses. Here, ChatGPT performs automated dialog in human-like language while iFinder extracts relevant information from enterprise data sources.

More chatbot intelligence through chatbot connection to data sources

The platform is used by customers such as BMW, E.ON, Siemens, Vodafone, Audi, AOK, Bosch, Datev, Daimler, Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Bizerba, Liebherr, Bafin, RollsRoyce.

We would be happy to discuss your individual application in person. We are experts in the field of knowledge management and have been dealing with various large language models (LLM), such as GPT4, LaMDA, BARD or MT-NLP, for a long time. We offer you different implementation proposals with respective advantages and disadvantages, so that you receive an optimal decision basis for your project.

We are now curious to see how your current ChatBot application looks like and look forward to discussing and implementing further optimization opportunities with you.