AI-based NetApp Search

In today’s digital era, where companies store immense amounts of data, fast and targeted access to relevant information is critical to business success.

Fileservices have established themselves as a robust storage solution, often storing enormous amounts of data in their file systems.

However, they often reach their limits when it comes to searching quickly and effectively in these extensive amounts of data. In this context, the introduction of intelligent search with real-time indexing for NetApp file services is critical.

Our intelligent solution enables these customers not only to perform rights-checked searches in their data sets, but also to analyze them comprehensively – all with a real-time update of the index.

What’s behind it:

The efficient, real-time search of billions of documents often found in NetApp storage solutions requires extremely powerful tools. When existing solutions are not enough, IT departments face the challenge of developing new approaches.

Searching NetApp storage solutions presents a special challenge. Organizations choose these solutions for their outstanding performance, robustness, high security standards, and suitability for large and ever-growing volumes of data. The management of several billion documents is thus possible.

Given the ability of NetApp storage solutions to manage such a large volume of data, the question for IT managers is: How can these enormous volumes of documents be searched so that employees can find the information they need with just a few clicks?

Searching for a specific file in NetApp ONTAP especially when petabytes of data are involved, is nearly impossible with the existing means. For this reason, alternative solutions are urgently needed.

The ONTAP storage operating system supports various client protocols such as NFS and SMB. This gives users the ability to access files in NetApp ONTAP via Windows (SMB) or Linux (NFS).

Admittedly, this allows navigating the file system via Windows Explorer and moving from one folder to the next. It is also possible to search for files. However, this search scans every single file folder. This means that it can be very time consuming, especially if the directory tree has to be searched recursively from top to bottom. The storage operating system simply does not have an index or catalog of all files that could be searched efficiently.

What is the solution:

Many organizations rely on NetApp file services as a robust and future-proof storage system. Nevertheless, finding relevant information amidst the abundance of stored documents often becomes a challenge, and finding it becomes a game of chance. Our NetApp Search significantly simplifies the search for information and enables intelligent searching of NetApp Storages.

As an experienced implementation partner of enterprise search solutions, we offer NetApp certified software with real-time indexing.

Our NetApp Search is a powerful solution for organizations that store large amounts of data in NetApp file services
This enables intelligent AI-based full-text search in NetApp file services, both in unstructured and structured data. Thanks to this solution, content from NetApp fileshares can be indexed in the petabyte range without placing an undue burden on the company’s infrastructure.

We are the only enterprise search partner to offer NetApp-certified software for efficient searching in NetApp file services with real-time indexing. Through a synchronized match between NetApp data and our search engine, we enable real-time search of your data assets

Our software enables efficient searching, protects personal data and reduces the burden on the IT infrastructure, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency within the company.

Efficient search in real time:

Implementing intelligent search for NetApp file services with real-time indexing brings significant benefits:

  • Fast results: Real-time indexing allows search results to be updated instantly as new data or changes occur in real time.
  • Comprehensive search: Intelligent search extends beyond metadata to enable a full search of all content, including unstructured data.
  • Security and access control: Through secure search algorithms, the solution ensures that users can only access documents for which they are authorized.

Optimization of business processes:

Intelligent search for NetApp file services with real-time indexing optimizes business processes in a variety of ways:

  • Time savings: Employees can find relevant information in seconds, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Scalability: The solution adapts to growing data volumes without sacrificing performance, ensuring long-term adaptability.
  • Compliance and data protection: Smart search enables easy and fast identification of sensitive data, facilitating compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

Features of our NetApp Search:

  • Real-time indexing: The software provides real-time indexing for NetApp file services. This means that new, modified or deleted documents appear in search results in near real-time, without the need for time-consuming crawling.
  • Full text search: The search is not limited to metadata, but allows searching for complete content in full text. Employees can quickly find relevant information by entering keywords or even natural language search queries.
  • Wide file format support: the software supports over 600 file formats, which allows users to preview documents without installing the corresponding application on their computer.

  • Security and permissions: All user permissions and roles are taken into account, so users see only the search results they are authorized to see. This is particularly important for the protection of personal data and compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR.
  • Automatic adaptation to changes: Changes, including access rights, on the NetApp filer are reflected in real time and directly affect search results.
  • Support for multiple languages: The software provides a complete hit list with linguistics for 29 languages.

NetApp Search Advantages:

  • Time savings: Employees save time by being able to find documents and information quickly and easily.
  • Intelligent search: Search results are sorted based on relevance, putting the most relevant hits first.
  • Up-to-dateness of data: Users always access the most up-to-date dataset, as changes are processed immediately.
  • Real-time search: Our solution enables instant search of your data assets through a synchronized match between NetApp data and our search engine.
  • Ease of deployment: Deployment is straightforward, and our intuitive administration interface makes it easy to use.
  • Secure Search: Users see only the documents they are authorized to see, thanks to our Secure Search feature. I.e. checking user rights and roles to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Relief of IT infrastructure: No more time-consuming crawling over the WAN is required, which relieves the IT infrastructure.
  • Efficient data analysis: The software enables the analysis of data sets, including searches for personal data, which is particularly important for compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR.
  • Extensibility: The software can be extended with text analysis techniques for automatic classification of document content to link information.
  • Scalability: Our solution grows with your requirements, is scalable for high data volumes and offers fail-safety.
  • Efficient indexing: For indexing enormous amounts of data up to the petabyte range, we use the fpolicy service of the ONTAP operating system to ensure an efficient process.
  • Search beyond metadata: When searching metadata alone is no longer enough, our NetApp Search enables you to search the entire contents of your data in full text and even more. This makes your data intelligently discoverable.
  • NetApp Push Connector: Using our certified NetApp Push Connector, changes in documents from NetApp file systems are processed immediately without the need for time-consuming crawling. These real-time updates include all changes, including access rights, on the NetApp filer. As a result, search results are updated in real time and have a direct impact on the hit list. This way, employees always have access to the most up-to-date data.

kompaktwerk is so far the only enterprise search partner that has a certified NetApp push connector. Customers such as Daimler, the Berlin Police and Diakonie (Protestant Work for Diakonia and Development) particularly appreciate these benefits.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is critical that employees have secure, fast, and easy access to relevant information to efficiently complete their tasks.

The introduction of intelligent search for NetApp file services with real-time indexing revolutionizes access to enterprise data. The ability to sift through data in real time, streamlining business processes while meeting compliance requirements, increases efficiency and lays the foundation for data-driven decisions across the enterprise.

Integrating enterprise search solutions like our NetApp Search with NetApp storage systems can significantly improve the search experience. It offers lightning-fast full-text searches, advanced linguistics support, real-time indexing, and robust security features. IT departments that proactively invest in such solutions can expect an increase in employee productivity and satisfaction.

Our NetApp Search presents itself as a robust solution for organizations that store large amounts of data in NetApp file services. The software ensures an effective search, while protecting personal data and reducing the load on the IT infrastructure. These factors lead to increased productivity and efficiency within the company. This can also be expressed measurably in an ROI calculation.

This advanced solution is not only a way to stay competitive in the digital era, but also a step towards a more agile and effective business structure by making it easier for users to find and access the information they need.

Are you interested in our solution? Here are the next steps:

  • An individual product presentation or an explanatory video for a detailed insight
  • Hardware sizing for the appropriate customization of the search solution
  • Information on prices for your transparency
  • The possibility of a test installation for practical testing

Simply use the contact form to arrange a personal meeting with us and we will discuss these steps with you.