Benefits of enterprise search

An “Enterprise Search Platform” allows you to quickly and reliably find customer, project and contract related data to ensure nothing is overlooked. This is an intelligent search engine that is rights-checked, scalable, and equipped with linguistics and AI to ensure an optimal user experience.

What concrete advantages and benefits does our approach bring you?

  • Tab-based structure of the hit list

    For an optimal overview of the search process, search queries can be called up in parallel in separate tabs

  • Improve Atlassian Confluence Search

    In order to massively improve the quality of hits within the search and thus increase user acceptance, the integration of a true enterprise search software is also possible for Confluence.

  • Convenient preview options

    Highlighting of search terms for over 600 file formats

  • Improve intelligence chat and voicebot

    Because of our seamless integration capability with your existing chatbot or voicebot solution, we can connect to any information source in your organization via a Rest API interface. In contrast to pure chatbot applications, our NLQA system offers numerous advantages, as the initial project and maintenance effort is lower.

  • Knowledge Graph

    Provides important information at a glance

  • Intelligent autocomplete

    i.e. with typo correction, rights-checked and for multi-word terms

  • Customizable user interface

    i.e. the dashboard can be built individually with modular widgets

  • Accessibility

    The software complies with the guidelines of WCAG 2.1, Level AA and thus also with the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0)

Knowledge management possibilities in content management systems or wikis

Integration into digital workplace

Safety is our top priority

  • Secure Search

    Only documents, filter options and autocomplete suggestions for which the user has authorization are delivered.

  • Rights and role concept

    We can map individual and complex rights and role concepts

  • Multi-client capability

    Our solution can be installed and administered centrally. In addition, you can equip any number of sites with customized search solutions

Content enrichment

Our solution helps you to automatically generate and manage consistent metadata and keywords from document texts. This allows you to evaluate and merge document content easily & intelligently.

Our deployed AI processes help you enrich the documents with relevant metadata and classify them according to specific subject areas. For example, you can set tags on personal data, on deletion periods, on confidentiality levels, on export control regulations or on intellectual property.