Confluence Search: Intelligent search for faster and more accurate results

Optimize your work processes in Confluence with the help of a powerful and precise search engine. Master the constantly growing content in Confluence with the help of our Confluence Search solution and enable your users to find relevant content and documents as quickly as possible.

The seamless integration of Confluence Search makes it much easier for your users to use Confluence. As a result, the Confluence platform is used even more efficiently and the search for relevant information is faster and more efficient.

What is it about

The efficient search for information in company databases is crucial for the smooth exchange of information and collaboration in modern working environments. Confluence, as a popular collaboration tool, plays a central role in the management of knowledge. In this context, the integration of our Confluence Search has the potential to significantly improve the built-in search function.

What is this – Confluence Search

Our Confluence Search module is a powerful and professional search engine with the highest linguistic competence that can be easily integrated into Confluence.
This integration promises enhanced search functionality and a more precise display of results to optimize the user experience when retrieving information.

Why is the search in Confluence so important

Every search activity has a reason
  • You need to provide information (to colleagues, to customers, for support work, etc.) – someone is waiting for it.
  • Work processes must be adhered to
  • Important business decisions must be made on the basis of the information found
The challenges for your employees
  • Employees spend a lot of time searching -> this costs the company money!
  • You repeat several search queries because the first results don’t hit the mark
  • This makes your employees dissatisfied and the acceptance of Confluence decreases

Confluence Search

What impact does this have on your company
  • Work processes are slowed down. Customer tickets always take longer to be solved/completed. This also increases customer dissatisfaction.
  • Incorrect business decisions may even be made – because you have been working with the wrong document or a knowledge base that was provided by a poor search. This also has a financial impact on the company.
  • As the person responsible for Confluence, you often only receive the information: Employees are dissatisfied and can no longer find their way around.
  • Well, the Confluence is maybe 2-3 years old and has developed a lot. A major project is now underway to restructure the Confluence content and navigation. Projects that cost a lot of internal resources and drag on over a long period of time.

Why is the search in Confluence so complicated

The more data there is in your Confluence and the greater the data growth, the more difficult it becomes to find content via the navigation structure.
The search function is becoming increasingly important.

What are the disadvantages of Confluence’s own search
  • Offers too few functions & filters
  • The advanced search and CQL are too complicated for users
  • Only a few file types are searchable
  • The results list offers too little information to quickly recognize what is being searched for


Knowledge Management

Project Management

Team Collaboration

Internal Communication

Agile Development


Our solution – Confluence Search for the cloud

Current: Our Confluence Search is now available directly for the Confluence Cloud Edition. Discover your relevant data quickly and effortlessly – regardless of your location.

Confluence Search is available for:

Confluence Search

What are the benefits of our Confluence Search

User acceptance Confluence

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Find quickly
  • Strengthens trust in Confluence
  • Increases user acceptance

Reduced search time

  • Reduces working time
  • Faster task completion (search reason)
  • Faster ROI

Higher quality of work

  • Better quality of the work result
  • Finding the right content (relevance)
  • Finding old and new content
  • Better information = better decision quality
  • Reduces errors and risks

Comprehensive and expandable

  • Secure through user rights management
  • Upgrade Enterprise Search with (FileShare, Jira, M365, Salesforce, Cloud, …)
  • Searchbar (Search entry) in parallel in other applications
  • Upgrade functions (similarity search, DSGVO, entity recognition, NLP, …)

Top functions

  • Search in over 600 file formats
  • Dashboard for favorites
  • Search Macro – integrated in Confluence pages
  • Search for duplicates
  • Linguistic analysis for 29 languages

Your advantages with Confluence Search

Uncomplicated customization and user interface: Design your dashboard according to your personal preferences

The intelligent search is made possible by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced linguistics

Confluence Search combs through over 600 file formats and searches various sources such as Jira, SharePoint, CRM such as Salesforce, ERP such as SAP and many more.

What functions does it offer

Extended filter options

Our Confluence Search gives users access to advanced filter options that allow search results to be sorted according to various criteria. This makes it easier to focus on relevant content and saves valuable time when researching information.

  • Search queries by date
  • Filtering by authors
  • Sorting by relevance and topicality

Semantic search for precision

The integration of our solution enables a semantic search that goes beyond simple keyword matches. More precise results are achieved by taking into account correlations of meaning, which leads to more effective information retrieval, especially in large knowledge databases.

  • Search for synonyms and related terms
  • Context-related presentation of results

Personalized search results and user-friendliness

Our Confluence Search offers personalized search results that adapt to users’ individual preferences and search histories. This integration makes the user interface more intuitive, which increases the overall user-friendliness of Confluence.

  • Adaptation to individual user preferences
  • Intuitive user interface for improved usability

Our conclusion

The integration of Confluence Search presents itself as a promising solution for improving the built-in search in Confluence. The advanced filtering options, semantic search, personalized results and improved usability make this integration a significant upgrade. Organizations that rely on efficient knowledge management should consider implementing Confluence Search to optimize their teams’ information research and strengthen collaboration.