Optimize your Elastic Search search with our AI-powered linguistics plugin iFinder

Are you using Elasticsearch or OpenSearch with the default analyzers? Do you work with multilingual content? Are you aiming for an improved hit list, higher recall and precision, and lower bounce rates?
Then you should take a look at our linguistics extensions for more complete and relevant search results!

In today’s data-driven world, powerful enterprise search is critical. Elastic Search is already an excellent choice, but what if you could take your search capabilities to a whole new level? Our groundbreaking linguistics plugin iFinder offers the perfect solution to improve your semantic search and optimize your enterprise search.
Our linguistics plugin for Elasticsearch enables significantly improved search in the open source search engine. Through its semantic-linguistic analysis, the plugin provides more complete and relevant search results. It integrates easily with Elasticsearch and is also configurable for multilingual content.

Here’s a real-world example: Discover the power of linguistics in e-commerce!

Let’s assume you run an online store for heating supplies. A visitor searches for “control for heat pump” without knowing that this product is listed in your store under a different name. Thanks to our advanced linguistics, the visitor will not only get the desired “control”, but also similar items like “heat pump control”. By using these powerful linguistics, you can ensure that shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for. Maximize your sales and increase customer satisfaction in your store!

What does our plugin provide that you don’t have in Elastic Search today?

Semantic search on a new level:

With our AI-powered search, semantic search goes far beyond the basics. iFinder not only analyzes words, but understands the context and meaning behind them. The result? A search that is intelligent, precise and highly relevant.

Optimization through AI:

Our plugin uses artificial intelligence to personalize and continuously improve your search. It learns from your users’ search patterns and adapts to always deliver the exact results your users need.

Multilingual support for global reach:

No matter what language your users are searching in, iFinder understands them. Our AI-powered search automatically translates search queries to ensure your results are globally relevant.

Customized Enterprise Search for your company:

Our solution is not just an enhanced enterprise search – it’s your customized search solution. With semantic search, you can ensure that your employees always find the exact information they’re looking for, and in record time.

If you want to optimize your Elastic Search system with AI-powered semantic search, our iFinder Linguistics plugin is the ideal choice. Revolutionize the way your business searches for information and increase the efficiency of your search. Contact us today to learn more about the future of your search!

Functions of the Linguistics Plugin for Elasticsearch

  • 1. semantic-linguistic analysis for better search results
    • The plugin enables more complete and relevant search results in Elasticsearch
    • Integrated and configurable, even for multilingual content
  • 2. improvements of the search
    • The plugin provides hits for word variants and compound terms
    • Uses morphological normalization and composite decomposition for more precise search results
    • Provides various search modes and powerful NEAR operators for complex search queries
  • 3. lemmatization and composite decomposition
    • Normalizes inflected words and decomposes compound terms
    • Uses procedural lexicons and enables the analysis of new word combinations
    • More precise search compared to simple algorithmic methods

Elastic Search Example

  • 4. entity search, numerical search and unit search
    • Recognizes names of persons, organizations, places as well as numbers and units
    • Integrates this information into the search index for more accurate search results
    • Allows you to search for facts, such as people near certain terms
  • 5. use of thesauri
    • Supports the use of thesauri for real synonyms, abbreviations and term hierarchies
    • Simplifies maintenance of custom thesauri through automatic lemmatization and composite decomposition
  • 6. supported languages
    • The plugin supports 29 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
    • Provides easy configuration for multilingual environments

  • 7. performance characteristics
    • Contains over 700,000 single word lexemes in the German lexicon and procedural rules
    • Provides functions like MODE/E&MAN for exact search and MODE/P(Tchaikovsky) for phonetic search
    • Enables precise search queries through various search modes and NEAR operators

Advantages of the Linguistics Plugin for Elasticsearch

  • Better search results: Higher recall and precision through lemmatization and composite decomposition
  • Easy configuration: No complex mappings or settings required, even for multilingual environments
  • Automatic language segmentation: handles mixed-language content correctly
  • Search by expert queries: Enables detailed and complex search queries
  • Entity and numeric value search: Provides accurate answers to questions about people, places, numbers, and units.

Optimized search results through semantic search

Our semantic search, strengthened by the use of thesauri in the linguistics plugin, improves the search in an impressive way:

Search queries can be extended by synonyms and abbreviations (such as car, KFZ, Kraftfahrzeug) as well as by hyponyms (sub-terms) or hyperonyms (generic terms). Are you looking for a person named “Schwarz”? The plugin filters the results, even excluding the color “black”. Or do you need specific numbers and figures? If you search for terms like “boiling point” and a “temperature of 90 – 110 °C” in the same sentence, our plugin will also return hits for sentences like “The boiling point of water is 212 °F” thanks to unit normalization. With our semantic search, you get exactly the results you need.

IntraFind’s linguistics plugin significantly optimizes Elasticsearch search queries by improving search through lemmatization, composite decomposition, and entity and numeric value integration. It enables more accurate and relevant searches for a wide range of use cases.

If you are still using Elasticsearch or OpenSearch with the default analyzers today, talk to us about how we can help you optimize.