Anyone who wants to make an investment in the future of the company is interested not least in the financial side. Finally, liquidity must be planned and the investment calculated. For this reason, many of our customers are interested in the cost of a chatbot. Here you will learn how they are composed and in what framework.

The chatbot costs are often very different

There are major differences among the various chatbots. While some can only answer pre-formulated questions, others make use of a large database, search for information independently and output it. Still others have artificial intelligence (AI), learn with each request, manage knowledge bases themselves, can make appointments and trigger a chain of actions and actions. Through integrated natural language understanding (NLU), they understand the real intention (Intent) of the customer.

In addition, a distinction must be made between using and adapting an already prefabricated technology and developing your own chatbot. It must also be clarified which data is to be collected, how it is to be stored, and what is to be done with it afterwards.

The use of different chat options, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc., are also factors that influence the chatbot costs.

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What is the composition of chatbot costs?

As a provider of modern, intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants, we have to calculate exactly what we charge our customers. Here, it is mainly the following factors:

  • Development costs
  • Individual adjustments
  • Server costs
  • Databases

The development and testing phase of a chatbot are lengthy, complex and costly. It can take several years to go from an idea to an operational chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence.

And since every customer is unique and has different demands on the chatbot, it must always be adapted and modified to meet their needs. Only in this way can it fit seamlessly into the corporate identity, the IT system and the ongoing processes.

Another factor in chatbot costs is the databases and servers that are operated. The learned information, the artificial intelligence and the filing and forwarding of customer inquiries requires storage space and an IT structure. Only if this is intact and maintained can the chatbot function smoothly and support your employees and customers.

All this we have completely simplified for you!

Since we offer our chatbot system as “AI-as-a-service”, so to speak from the “cloud”, many of the costs mentioned above do not apply to you. This means that you only pay us a one-time setup fee for setting up the solution and then the pure interaction costs. An “interaction” between the chatbot and your customer means the “entire conversation” about a question, no matter how many messages are exchanged.

Chatbot costs – Low compared to savings

A chatbot is an investment in the future viability of your business. It helps to noticeably reduce the workload of your customer service representatives, increases customer satisfaction and leads to more orders. You offer your prospects an information service, which is available around the clock and responds within seconds. This additional service is rewarded and will soon become standard.

Chatbot costs - often there is a wide range

This investment will pay for itself within a short time and give you an additional profit.

You may now think that we, as a service provider, can easily make speeches, because after all, we are paid by you to set up the chatbot. But to show you how much we are convinced of our product, we offer you to take the entrepreneurial risk to a large extent on ourselves.

In exchange for a share of the revenue generated by our chatbot, we offer you the technology for free, so you don’t have to take any risk. After a pilot phase, we bear the operating costs and receive only a share of the resulting growth.

Also, consider that you can either save on personnel costs in customer support, as well as give your employees more time for the really complex inquiries. This will improve your service quality tremendously and lead to more business.

On average, our customers have experienced a 50% reduction in cost per service request, a 60% reduction in email volume, and a 5% reduction in the abandonment rate in the buying process. All this contributes significantly to the success of your business.

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