What else do we do for your digital success?

kompaktwerk supports you in digitally improving your sales and service processes by offering the right engagement at the right place to your customers online and mobile.

Whether companies want to increase the number of customers, increase revenue through online sales, increase customer satisfaction, or reduce the cost of service, we have the right solution and the innovative digital approach for your needs. kompaktwerk’s goal is to provide professional digital sales/service solutions and first-class service.

Comprehensive and far-reaching support is important to us:

Customer Success Manager

To ensure that your chat project is successful, we work with you to develop the KPI`S that are important to you. We support you in building a successful chat team and develop it further every day. If you wish, we can provide you with an experienced Customer Success Manager. This will help you to manage the project holistically and thus ensure success with your team.

Solution architects

If you have particular challenges posed by your IT landscape or require customization, our IT specialists with many years of experience can help with IT and process issues. You develop software architectures and ensure that your IT systems are implemented and operated securely and efficiently.

Agent Training

To make a chat project successful, you also need qualified chat agents. Our trainers take over the training of your agents according to a stringent training process. We have specialists for the digital transformation of coaching and training in the company. The special approach with us is the so-called “blended learning” and “blended testing”.

Chat agents

Often, organizations do not have the right agent resources available for chat & messaging. We can provide qualified chat agents with many years of experience. The agents have a broad industry know-how, as well as experience with new and existing customers and work very performance-oriented.

Digital Workshops

To support you on how to best reach your customers digitally in the future and what steps are necessary, we offer various workshops. These workshops are the best way for us to get to know your requirements and work with you to set up a concept for efficient digital communication channels.


If you decide to use kompaktwerk, the first thing we do is analyze your e-commerce processes. What does your IT infrastructure look like? Which digital dialog applications are already available? Where are the opportunities for optimization in customer dialog, CRM or e-service?

Every company today has existing contact channels for customer communication, such as call center platforms, email or CRM systems. We advise and support you on the easiest way to connect our digital kompaktwerk platform to your systems.

Our Digital Engage platform can be easily integrated with your existing contact center and ACD systems, such as Genesys.

Contact Center Integrations:


GoToConnect / LogMeIn

Nice in Contact



Connect Digital Engage with your favorite business tools …

CRM Integrations:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sugar CRM




APIs allow you to connect to your existing CRM and ticketing systems so that your chat agents always have access to customer data.

Currently supported messaging channels*

Currently supported messaging channels*

Facebook MessengerMicrosoft Teams
BingIn-App **

* Technology developed exclusively by kompaktwerk

** we integrate the asynchronous messaging feature into your enterprise app

Digital Engage Integration:

The integration of our Digital Engage Chat can be done in any website. This is easily implemented via your CMS, source code or via tag managers like google Tag Manager and Tealium.

Digital Engage can easily export data via API or CSV download.

It can also be integrated with any helpdesk system, such as Zendesk, WeClapp or freshdesk.

Integration into your existing knowledge base, e.g. Sabio, elastic search, etc. is easily possible via our plugin.

Chatbot integration for more intelligence of your voice or chatbot:

By integrating our “Question Answering Machine”, we can effectively improve your voice and chatbots.

We offer an extension for your chatbot solution that uses our Natural Language Question Answering module (NLQA) to extract pre-written answers from your company data through our iFinder. The iFinder is an AI-based knowledge management solution that extracts relevant information from various data sources and provides matching results. This happens not only in your chatbot database, but also in other sources like Confluence, Sharepoint, CMS and voice or chat transcripts.

Thanks to the iFinder, which brings many concepts already “out of the box”, the maintenance effort is reduced. The search also takes into account synonyms and context and selects the best answer by “Relevance Ranking” from the available information.

Our NLQA module integrates seamlessly with your existing chatbot or voicebot solution and can be connected to any info source via a Rest API interface. Compared to a pure chatbot application, the advantages of the NLQA system outweigh the disadvantages, as the initial effort of the project and the maintenance effort are lower.

Thus, you can easily connect your existing chatbots and virtual assistants from vendors such as Cognigy, ebot7, Genesys, IBM-Watson or google dialogflow and significantly increase the intelligence of your voice or chatbot.

A chatbot is especially useful when you don’t know exactly what to look for or when access to data is not possible. Our experience shows that a search provides an answer faster than a guided dialog. The NLQA system can also be used for voice search control and can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud service.

How exactly does chatbot integration work?

We integrate a so called "headless CMS" into your existing chatbot solution

We "augment" your existing chatbot or voicebot information source.

Thus, we extend your BOT system with a "NLQA Module" Natural-Language-Question-Answering- to which we can connect any info source via a Rest API, e.g. WordPress, MS365, Confluence, JIRA, CMS etc.

This is done through a small content hit list that we intelligently filter from your existing in-house data sources

Processing is done by augmenting answers to your natural language search queries using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

How does our Question Answering module support your chat or voicebot?

Knowledge Base Integration

As we demonstrate in Enterprise Search, we help you find customer and contract-relevant data quickly and ensure that nothing is overlooked.
To do this, we break down data silos and network your data so that your service agents have centralized access via their Digital Workspace, no matter where it resides.

Data from a wide variety of data sources and formats (e.g. MS365, Confluence, JIRA, CMS, etc.) is made searchable, networked and correlated.

This is realized via our plugin concept, i.e. so-called connectors, with which we integrate your existing systems and you have very little IT effort.

We have developed an interesting integration especially for your Elasticsearch full-text search.

From our experience with other customers, the pure search is not so optimal and easy to use. To improve this we have developed a Linguistics & Insight plugin that can significantly improve search.

Thus, you can easily connect your existing knowledgebases e.g. Confluence, egain, freshdesk, shelf, USU etc. and your employees have full access to all company data.

Which IT systems and applications can we integrate...


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