Offer your customers a smooth interaction and thus an optimal customer experience with an artificial intelligence chat.

Because the customer experience determines success or failure.
Have your customer service queries answered efficiently with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

kompaktwerk delivers practical applications of AI and chatbots to customer service and helps companies become more efficient.
With the most feature-rich and tightly integrated advisor and chatbot solution on the market today, kompaktwerk helps you overcome obstacles and make customer dialog smarter.

We show you how a chatbot works

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kompaktwerk has the Customer Engagement Platform, which allows your customers to solve problems, answer questions and process transactions in self-service. This increases customer satisfaction, reduces contact volume and increases conversion rates.

We integrate our artificial intelligence into your company’s existing customer service processes.
When kompaktwerk’s Customer Engagement Platform is in play, customer dialogues never feel artificial.

Consultant and chatbot in harmony.

kompaktwerk’s chatbots provide around-the-clock support in finding answers, solving problems, and completing orders.

Our chatbots can be used in a variety of ways by conducting automated dialogs in customer service and delivering smart advice in online sales. The service BOT can become a shopping BOT and in your online store the chatbot can be built up as an intelligent answerer or recommender of suitable products. Via Facebook Messenger, InApp Messaging or other Messenger services, it can become a significant part of a smart customer experience. The chatbot boosts traffic, increases the conversion rate and thus ensures more sales and enthusiastic customers.

Our system analyzes incoming messages from your messenger channels or website and routes them to the right department. The integrated “Smart Advisor” supports your support agents during operational business with comprehensive answer suggestions. The AI system is constantly learning and supports your employees with automated answers and processes.

Smart and conversational AI.

From our point of view, the chatbot topic has been very “hyped” in recent years. You will find many “demos” of chatbot systems that are presented as conversational. However, in order to make the features work for your business, you would need a whole pool of Data Scientists, online editors and ready-made answers.

To this we say from kompaktwerk: To this, we at kompaktwerk say: No, thank you!

Our bots can enter into a smart dialog with your customers from day one without the need for additional human resources for setup and maintenance!

Insights and knowledge.

Our platform will not let any data disappear unseen in a drawer. Insightful information based on real customer experiences is displayed in real time so you can take immediate action.

You don’t need to fill your knowledge base with content beforehand. Our platform listens to your customers and helps you align the AI system with them.

Why companies choose kompaktwerk as their partner.

For 15 years, we have been involved in digital services ranging from live chat, video chat, and CoBrowse to messaging and AI-driven chatbots. When implementing customer projects, we rely on world-leading platforms that are innovative and reliable in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation EU-GDPR. Our customer engagement platform offers AI self-service and an intelligent chatbot. Our solution not only supports future-proof communication channels, but can also be synchronized with your company’s existing systems to better leverage customer data.

  • Fast implementation
    The implementation of our system was completed at the Royal Bank of Scotland in six weeks and was able to shorten the processing time of customer concerns from the very beginning.
  • 94 % Customer satisfaction
    The North Face increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) to 94 percent (24 percent higher than the industry average) with the support of our platform.
  • 20% Call Reduction
    Dyson was able to reduce the number of all contact center contacts by 20% in a short period of time thanks to the self-service features of our solution.

Artificial intelligence with a natural dialog system.

Artificial intelligence chat bots conquer the internet

Our platform can be deployed at short notice, as no lengthy data analysis is required. If you wish, you are welcome to take a look behind the scenes.

We use a patented NLU technology to conduct dialog-oriented conversations with your customers, regardless of when, where and via which communication channel they contact you. Since you know how our technology analyzes the input and arrives at the proposed solutions, you can further optimize the system at any time.

Through the human mind, the artificial intelligence and chatbot deployment is further completed. A personal service advisor is available at all times. He uses the platform to intelligently manage the multichannel offering. In a customer dialog, he assumes the central task of using the appropriate channel for the customer. The chatbot can thus route on to the phone, chat or messaging channel, as well as to a contact form.

Chatbots are quite different in performance.

How intelligent chatbots and virtual advisors work for you.

Many chatbots from other customer service solutions are often limited to predefined scripts. Our chatbots have the necessary artificial intelligence to optimally respond to the context and thus the content of the conversation. This makes every conversation more personal. You inspire your customers with a dialog-oriented self-service that resolves customer concerns immediately.

End the hassle of searching through FAQ`s.

Your customers should choose for themselves what help they need.

No matter what communication channels you offer – our platform can handle it. Customers can contact you on their channel of choice and you can respond and serve flexibly. For example, customers can start the conversation with the chatbot and are referred to a chat agent if they wish.

Start the dialogue with a proactive AI-powered solution.

In the right place at the right time.

Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Our system allows you to engage with your customers in a proactive, personalized way. No matter what channels your customers use, what time of day they search for information, or what native language they speak, AI chatbots are ready to engage your customers around the clock and support them at every step of their customer journey.

How do you harness the full potential of artificial intelligence-powered solutions?

There are numerous challenges in a company: Recruiting experienced and suitable call center staff, implementing a wide variety of systems to solve customer problems, or manually updating static FAQs. If you now want to improve the customer experience with traditional solutions, your company will not really move forward. We show you how to really exploit the full potential.

Reduce processing times
By classifying support requests quickly and efficiently, questions are immediately placed in the correct categories and forwarded to the appropriate support team. After that, the best answer choices are suggested to the agents by our BOT’s “Smart-Advisor”. A reduction in processing time of up to 75% is possible.

Automate recurring questions
Our AI system automates recurring questions and frees up your support agents to deal with the more important and complex customer issues. Your customers can reach you 24/7 and 365 days in the service and always get a suitable answer in the live chat.

Improve the knowledge base
Our artificial intelligence-triggered “Smart-Advisor” suggests the right answers to your agents, eliminating cumbersome “copy-and-paste” from Word or Excel files and manual text entry. A dynamic AI database is built up step by step to which you always have access.

Transparent artificial intelligence

How our AI system provides transparency.

Through our transparent AI system, you can influence the content of each conversation and see what you can improve in the customer journey. This way you are “live” with the chatbot from the beginning and can continuously optimize the customer experience.

Smarter from the start

Our Platform learns from the first customer interaction.

Using so-called “one-shot learning” (machine learning from just a few examples), our platform captures data while your customers are searching for information. So you don’t have to create hundreds of support topics, questions and answers before implementation, but our AI tells you from the start what you still need to know.

  • A “red tile” appears in your dashboard indicating that the customer’s concern has not yet been resolved to their satisfaction and further action is required.
  • The company knowledge base is created by the customer questions, which makes it even smarter that way.

The understanding of the natural language

NLU technology that is really smart.

Our chatbots use patented Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to let customers have real conversations -whenever and wherever they want. Our system thus determines the intention of the customer and provides him with a relevant answer. In dialog form, chatbots ask questions and capture more information to confirm exactly what the customer is looking for.

A self-learning artificial intelligence

Machine Learning so that every interaction leads to better results.

To achieve the best results, our system uses machine learning to identify patterns in your data. As soon as the system recognizes that a certain question has been solved by means of a certain answer, it knows that this answer must also be displayed again. Even if you ask the same question, the system can give a different answer to the customer based on their profile and personal account data, as it also takes into account the context.

Our recommendations to provide your customers with an optimized customer journey.

How to achieve a good customer experience:

Live Chat and “Smart Advisor
Increase the efficiency of your customer service center by integrating the AI-powered “Smart Advisor” feature for your contact center agents.

Automate through chatbots
Automate recurring requests on messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, SMS, Whatsapp & InApp Messaging in AI Chat.

Build internal knowledge base
Integrate a constantly optimizing dynamic database that improves itself after each conversation.

Benefits of our AI self-service and chatbot solution.

Mature product

Our AI technology is patented and has been successfully tested in hundreds of projects in medium-sized and large companies, from various industries.

24/7 customer service

Service readiness around the clock. Our chatbots perfect the service times in your company.

Simple administrability

No IT knowledge required – the NLU and artificial intelligence of our solution allows to generate arbitrarily complex functions and dialogs for the chatbot or your FAQ center.

Integration of your systems

In addition to the knowledge base on our platform, our bots can access any number of different sources, such as your ERP or CRM system, and use this information when responding to customer concerns.

Forwarding to a real employee

If the chatbot gets stuck, it can very smartly forward the call to a real conversation partner. Depending on the context, this is controlled individually and the previously conducted dialog is also transferred.

Conversion rate increase

If your customers show uncertainty during the checkout process, the chatbot can proactively assist and address it. All possible questions w.e.g. about delivery times, returns and cancellation fees can be answered immediately.


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