Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search, what is it exactly?

Companies and government agencies of all sizes produce numerous reports, presentations, emails, customer and contract data every day.
This generates, stores, sends and archives a high volume of data at an ever-increasing rate, at an ever-increasing speed.
Since this large amount of data is stored in a wide variety of locations throughout the company, it is a major challenge for employees to find the relevant information easily and quickly.

And this is exactly where Enterprise Search supports you, i.e. you get intelligent access to all your important information: Through our AI-supported “enterprise” search engine, you can find documents faster and process them in a targeted manner.
Our solutions range from simple searches in an application, enterprise search, knowledge management, the creation of digital workplaces, to intelligent text analysis of large amounts of data, as well as intelligent document processing.

To do this, we use a full range of AI and machine learning techniques, as well as Natural Language Processing.

Our approach enables efficient searching, finding and analyzing of structured and unstructured information in all internal and also external data sources. In this process, data from a wide variety of data sources and formats is made efficiently searchable, networked and correlated with each other.

Our approach enables companies and government agencies to provide employees e.g. in Customer Care, Production, HR, Compliance, Data Protection etc. with important data quickly and efficiently.

Enterprise Search makes the existing knowledge in your company more usable. All knowledge can be shared across locations and the company-wide search means that you can always find the right experts in your company, for example.

AI-powered search goes one step further. It uses artificial intelligence to not only search for words, but also to understand what the employee is really looking for. This saves time and makes work more efficient.

Advantages of AI-powered search:

  1. Faster search: AI can search huge amounts of data at lightning speed and display the relevant results.
  2. Intelligent results: AI understands context and displays not only exact matches, but also similar or relevant information.
  3. Better decisions: Employees can make more informed decisions because they can get to exactly the right data faster.
  4. Time savings: Fast and precise searches save employees a lot of time, which they can use more productively.

What is best practice for building AI-powered enterprise search:

  1. Understanding the requirements: First you need to understand what kind of information is being sought. This can vary depending on which company it is.
  2. Collect and organize data: All relevant data must be collected and organized so that the AI can understand it. This can be a lot of work, but is critical to a good search.
  3. Choose AI technology: There are different types of AI technologies. You have to choose the one that best fits the needs of the company. These can be chatbots, machine learning or others.
  4. Training the AI: The AI must be trained to understand the specific queries of the employees and to find suitable answers. This requires time and expertise.
  5. Continuous improvement: AI-powered search is not unique. It must be constantly improved to keep pace with the changing needs of the business.
  6. Security and privacy: It is important to ensure that the data sought is secure and that employee privacy is maintained. This is a crucial aspect of implementing such a search.

This sounds complicated at first, but it is not, because we have a mature concept to prepare your data and offer a framework of connectors to connect your existing systems.

Whether the data is on your company drives, in wikis such as Confluence, or on your intranet, or in your various email systems such as Office 365, or filing systems such as Sharepoint.
We provide numerous “connectors” to connect our solution to your various data sources. Starting with basic connectors for fileshare and database connectors, a web crawler, as well as connectivity to Microsoft365, Microsoft TEAMS, Liferay, Cofluence, Documentum, up to NetApp ONTAP and Service Now.

Here is an overview of which components our customers use and for which business cases our enterprise search solution is used:

Our “Enterprise Search Platform” is like a smart search engine specifically designed to help you find important information in your organization. Whether it’s customer data, project information or contract details, our intelligent search ensures that nothing is overlooked.

This platform is not only fast and reliable, but also secure. Our Secure Search feature ensures that you can only access documents and information for which you have permission. With our rights and roles concept, we can customize complex access authorizations.

In addition, our solution offers content enrichment, which means that we can automatically tag information with relevant metadata and keywords. With the help of artificial intelligence, documents are classified according to specific subject areas, for example personal data, deletion periods, confidentiality levels or intellectual property. This allows you to intelligently evaluate and merge document content.

Our platform can be seamlessly integrated into your digital workplace and is multi-tenant, which means you can manage it centrally and set up customized search solutions for different locations.

Overall, our enterprise search platform offers an optimal user experience, is rights-checked, scalable and equipped with linguistics and AI. It enables efficient knowledge management in content management systems or wikis and ensures that your information is always secure and easily accessible. Your safety is our top priority.

Our customers use our enterprise search platform for the following business cases:

  • Search in corporate websites, product search for B2B and B2C online stores
  • Analysis, crawling, watch of news & trends, technology scouting on websites
  • Modern Workplace – digital workplace for customer support and service
  • Internet of Things – IoT data analysis
  • More intelligence for FAQ searches, chat and voicebots
  • Automated processing of RFP`s, RFQ`s, RFI`s
  • Search for personnel and experts in HR, consulting and law firms
  • Compliance and Legal Departments: Contract Analyzer, Intelligent Reading Guide for Contracts, Automatic Analysis of Documents and Contracts
  • Process large amounts of data on a regular basis, file it, assign it to a process, content analysis emails
  • GDPR analysis & compliance, threat analysis, cyber attack
  • E-discovery: help with the seizure of digital evidence

With our intelligent enterprise search approach, you simply centralize access to all company data for your employees and thus significantly increase productivity.

More efficient: Become more productive –no more searching forever for important documents or emails.

Enterprise Search

Simplify access to knowledge – no matter in which data sources the knowledge is stored or how much data you have.

Increase search results and avoid errors – Find all relevant information and reduce the error rate.

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