Digital Consulting

More growth and automation

The Corona pandemic has shown many companies that they need to digitize even faster, and as a result, digitization has created major challenges for entrepreneurs around the world. However, they also create enormous opportunities.

Since March of last year, we have received more and more inquiries from medium-sized and large companies as to whether we can help them digitize quickly.

This has prompted us to draw up a roadmap for how we can work with you to implement stringent digitization simply and pragmatically.

To this end, we put our more than 20 years of digital know-how at your disposal. We as kompaktwerk GmbH are a digital company with many years of experience in multichannel sales and contact center control. We support companies “End2End” to optimize and digitalize the customer dialog. I.e. from the conception, through the provision and optimization of the digital platform, by our experienced IT and solution architects, to the provision of agent trainers and contact center specialists.

In the course of a digital consultation, we show you how you can sustainably reduce your costs, increase your reach and make processes even leaner.

Digital consulting brings clarity to goals and metrics

kompaktwerk’s digital consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Anchoring digital processes in the company
  • "Digital first" thinking
  • Digital customer communication
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital employee recruitment
  • Use of artificial intelligence
  • Digital brand building

What exactly is a digital consultancy?

Our advice varies greatly from customer to customer. This is mainly due to the fact that German entrepreneurs face a variety of challenges.

The current state of digitization and the priorities are also different.

As a first step in digital consulting, it is therefore necessary to understand at which point in the process you currently are and in which business areas the greatest leverage can be achieved.

“In the next 10 years, we will be at a point where almost everything will be digitized.”


In the course of the consultation, we will jointly identify building blocks, work out solutions and then draft a concrete plan of action. We outline your current situation with your decision makers from Sales, Marketing, Service, HR and IT. We talk about current processes and customer journeys.

As a specialist in reducing contact costs, we have tools for different industries. Using benchmarks and KPIs, we determine your current analog volume and what quantities of it can be transferred to digital channels.

During a workshop, we develop an omnichannel strategy with you and which new digital channels will work most efficiently for you. We also evaluate today’s customer journeys and how they can be digitized most efficiently.

At the end of a digitization workshop, you will receive answers to the following questions:

  • What does my omnichannel strategy look like in the next 3-5 years.
  • How do I digitize my current analog contact channels.
  • What do the future digital customer journeys look like?
  • Which analog contact volumes can I "shift" into which digital channels?

In this way, digitization becomes a reality for you in the near future.

Of course, we do not leave you alone at the end of the workshop, but implement the developed results with you step by step. Since we have project managers with many years of experience, we can offer targeted project management. Likewise, we clarify with you all data protection aspects in terms of the EU-GDPR.

Furthermore, we support you with our experience in the right selection of a digital omnichannel platform with chat, AI-supported chatbots and messaging (Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.).

Our digital consulting focuses on you and your company. As a service provider, we strive to overcome your challenges and make your life easier.

Digital transformation – We can help with these points

The digital transformation extends to all business areas-min

The digital world has long spanned the globe. Germany has a reputation for lagging behind here, and that is partly justified. The fax and an ever-growing paper economy still exist. Many companies and processes are still trapped in old structures. This is a huge competitive disadvantage and prevents agility and innovation. Also worth mentioning are the high costs that analog processes cause. Employees are tied down by repetitive tasks. This is where our digital consulting helps. In particular, we cover the following topics.

Digital customer communication

How you speak to your customers is a key factor in determining the success or failure of a business. Issues such as customer service, advice, sales and dealing with problems as they arise are vexed topics.

Constantly in the back of your mind is the fact that customers can rate you anywhere. A negative review has the potential to cause huge sales losses, throws a spanner in the marketing works and damages your reputation.

Customers expect you to be available by phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and chat. Preferably around the clock.

As part of the digital transformation, we shed light on how you can set up flawless customer communications, offer your customers more than the competition, and cut costs in the process.

Artificial intelligence can also play a decisive role here.

With a good chatbot, your company is also available on holidays, Sundays and at night, for example, you relieve your employees and reduce the number of customer contact requests.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Every company lives from its customers. If you want to scale, you need to set up systems to keep customer relationships intact at all times.

In the course of digital consulting, we take a look at how you operate CRM and find sustainable solutions that reduce your workload, save costs, and increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

Establish digital processes

In companies, a number of processes take place every day. Almost every one of them can be automated, or at least made considerably easier, through digitization.

“Digitization does not “pass”, it is not just any technological trend. Passing will be at most the thought of it passing.”


The important thing here is to rely on uniform systems. A patchwork of isolated solutions will never be able to mesh neatly and will require a great deal of maintenance.

Merchandise management and purchasing

Anyone who does e-commerce always has a huge amount of work due to the constant reordering of goods and inventory management. When it comes to inventory, at the latest, it becomes clear that the current analog approach is not only very cumbersome, but also prone to errors. Here, too, digital transformation is necessary and brings many advantages.

A constant overview of inventory levels, see at a glance how many weeks of stock will last, and save time and money with the current trend in orders, as well as automated reordering processes. They also ensure that there is always sufficient merchandise available and yet that as little capital as possible needs to be tied up.

Deal with enterprise resource planning during digital consulting

Accounting and invoicing

In predominantly analog companies, submitting quotes, invoicing, and creating expenses is cost-prohibitive. Personnel costs are an enormous cost driver.

Imagine being able to automatically assign all receipts to the correct accounts, generate invoices at the push of a button, and relieve your tax consultant of much of his work.

In the course of digital consulting, if you are interested, we will also show you how you can keep a constant eye on profitability this way, keep an eye on cash flow and also export usable figures for banks, investors and business partners in the short term.

A decentralized storage of the data

An important factor in scaling the company is the exchange of know-how within the employees. However, important data and information is often not stored correctly, is lost, or can only be accessed by the expert responsible for it.

Digital business models are not the only ones that need to be improved.

Anyone who wants to form an agile company must be able to store important data decentrally, flexibly adjust access rights and distribute competencies.

In this way, the various departments can harmonize perfectly with each other.

A long-term oriented online marketing

Digital consulting also deals with the website

Your customers are online, so you need to be too. Good online marketing goes a long way in helping you generate a reliable stream of new customers. The more digital your processes are here, the easier it is to set up. There are numerous different disciplines here, all of which have their raison d’être. In the course of digital consulting, we examine which channels are particularly attractive for your company and the associated target group.

Digitization also means rethinking customer contact and focusing on digital channels. Here we develop a strategy for your business and provide assistance in its implementation.

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization

What could be more pleasant than having the customer search for you? If the customer already knows what he wants and is actively looking for you, the sales department is in the best position to do business. Here, search engines like Google & Bing, but also YouTube and Amazon play a crucial role.

“There’s no one you’re more honest with than the Google search box.”


Those who are good to find here will be able to attract many customers. Basically, there are two ways to do this:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing

Both ways will show you in the search results. The difference is whether you book advertising and pay, or are displayed among organic search results for free.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are no longer just for young people. A large part of the population is active here, participating in discussions and searching for information.

In the meantime, a dense network of social media platforms has developed.
As a company, these are useful not only for directly addressing customers via advertisements. During the digital consultation, we will also address what brand building, employee acquisition and content marketing opportunities exist here, if desired. Bringing these in as part of a digital strategy makes great sense.

Native Advertising

Over time, customers quickly become blind to advertising. The inner eye blanks them out. Native advertising is a good option for gaining new customers in the long term.

External content is visually integrated so that it looks like native content. Here you should not proceed clumsily, but develop a good strategy and work with the right creatives.

As part of an omnichannel consultation, we will also be happy to assist you in this area.

Digital Consulting Reach Building

Digital reach is very valuable

Whether B2B, reach is an enormously valuable currency. If you have reach, you can reach customers at any time.

We advise you on which channel should be the focus in your case and how you can generate reach sustainably and cost-effectively.

Email marketing

One tool that is often very underestimated by companies is e-mail. Your customers read them every day and pay a lot of attention to them. A good email sequence and funnels can add value in a completely automated way, increase your awareness and be used in a structured way for customer acquisition.

Digital consulting can show you how to set up and play on this channel. We develop an individual strategy that fits you and your goals.

A clean tracking

One of the benefits of a “digital first” approach is that with good tracking, you can determine exactly which efforts are bearing fruit and where there is still room for improvement.

“We live in a world that is drowning in data. We have a choice to continue to ignore it and dismiss it as big noise, or to use it.”


They determine exactly what a customer acquired through one of the respective channels is worth, what the acquisition cost and how it is best accompanied.

This brings benefits for customer relationship managers, marketing, sales and for you.

Learn more about what emails your prospects are reading, how they are behaving on your website, how they got there, and where they might abandon the buying and consulting process.

Regardless of whether you use Google Analytics or another tracking tool here: We naturally make sure that all measurement methods are GDPR-compliant.

No business without split testing

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to digitizing processes and procedures. However, it should also be said that no two businesses are the same. For this reason, continuous testing is necessary to be better positioned month after month.

Our digital consulting also serves the purpose of sensitizing you and your team to this topic. We are happy to support you in creating an atmosphere in which there is room for continuous optimization.

No email funnel, no button, no form, and no flow for phone calls with customers is perfect.

Small changes can often have a big effect here.

Measuring these effects is only possible if clean split testing can be implemented.

Why kompaktwerk is the ideal contact for digital consulting

While digital natives often lack a feel for the view of established companies and classic management consultancies do not represent a “digital first” approach, kompaktwerk offers a good path to a digital future.

Our team offers experience from the “old” world and has already paved the way into the digital age that has long since begun.

We accompany you during the digital transformation, stand by you even during small intermediate steps, and enable you to move at the desired pace.

We are so big that we can find a suitable contact person for every problem and so small that we can adapt to you and your processes.

A number of companies have already been forced out of the market by the new competitive situation and perished as a result of the challenges.

This does not have to be.

We help you to analyze the conditions and changes prevailing in your market and to find solutions for cost savings, leaner processes and more sales.

“When the winds of change blow, some build walls and others windmills.”


In the past, we have already proven several times that we can support companies of different sizes with advice and action in an economically sensible way.

For us, it is not only important to drive forward digitization as an end in itself. Each measure must be associated with a concrete added value for your company.

Arrange your free exploratory talk now

To deliver digital expertise to you quickly, we start with an initial exploratory conversation. For this reason, we cordially invite you to make an appointment now for a free exploratory meeting.

We clarify with you exactly which problems you want to solve and which goals you want to achieve (e.g. conversion increase or reduction of contact costs via KPI`s such as AHT, FCR) and take a close look at these key figures with which you currently measure your performance. Likewise, we talk with you about your expectations, as well as the time frame and budget.

In this exploratory talk we will show you some possibilities and potentials. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to get to know us and to get to know us.

We will also be happy to discuss individual questions from you and your company in more detail at this meeting.

Let’s look together now for creative and digital solutions for the future and pave the way for profitable scaling of your business.